Herman Cain Tax Lien For Unpaid Personal Income

11/04/2021 05:54 AM ET

Herman Cain Tax Lien - Herman Cain faced a 2008 lien with the Georgia Department of Revenue for $8558.46 for unpaid personal income taxes in 2006. His campaign was quick to point out to ABC News that he was undergoing treatment for Stage 4 cancer in 2006.

A spokesman said that due to his illness, he had requested, and was granted, a six-month extension and had requested the same from the state, which Georgia allows.

Nevertheless, the state sent a delinquency notice to Herman in late 2007 and filed the lien in early 2008. Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon said the candidate’s accountant had protested the delinquency to no avail.

Perhaps some of his Uncle Sam fervor can be traced to his own past encounters with the Internal Revenue Service. The Republican frontrunner who has built his support among party activists with his message and controversial 9-9-9 tax plan, has called the IRS an “overseer” and compared it to slavery.

“Our tax code is the 21st century version of slavery,” the Republican candidate says in a recent campaign video. “In a Herman Cain administration, April 15 will no longer be a day to be dreaded.”

“Mr. Cain responded in a timely manner to the delinquency notice sent by the Georgia Department of Revenue but was unable to stop the process that ultimately led to the filing of the tax lien,” said Gordon. Documents show the lien was removed in November 2008.

The campaign didn’t resist an opportunity Wednesday to use the candidate’s personal struggles to reinforce his credentials.

“The experience serves as an example of how broken our federal and state bureaucracies are with respect to the collection of revenue,” Gordon told ABC News. “The entire process is driven by automated letters generated in response to deadlines.”

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