​Nancy Grace: Marijuana Makes People Fat and Lazy​​

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January 8, 2021
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Nancy Grace says marijuana for recreational use is a “horrible idea,” it was revealed Tuesday, Jan. 7. Grace paid a visit to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and said that people who smoke weed are fat and lazy.

Nancy Grace gives her opinion of legalizing recreational marijuana on Tuesday, Jan. 7

The television personality also said that she wouldn’t want anyone smoking marijuana to take care of her kids or drive a cab. She then went for the jugular, claiming that anyone who disagreed with her was “lethargic, sitting on the sofa, eating chips … fat and lazy.”

“I mean, come on, ask yourself, do you want your cab driver to be high on pot? How about your airplane pilot? What about that?” Grace said, before being interrupted by an incredulous looking Baldwin.

Colorado began allowing sales of pot last week, and Washington is expected to follow suit this spring. In both states, marijuana users will be faced with similar restrictions as alcohol consumers. For instance, pot can be legally consumed in both states by people ages 21 and over, public use is forbidden and sales must stop at Midnight. And most importantly, driving under the influence of pot is illegal.

Anyone whose THC levels test higher than 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood or who fails a field sobriety test will be slapped with a DUI. In CNN’s own marijuana experiment last February, a driving instructor found that marijuana users with more than three times that amount in their systems would have passed a basic driving test.

Unlike alcohol, pot users are limited in how much of the substance they can purchase at one time. Colorado residents are restricted to purchasing one ounce per transaction, while out of state buyers are only allowed to purchase a quarter-ounce.

Even when presented with the argument that when smoked responsibly in a “private confined space,” weed is not dangerous, Grace refused to budge, instead attacking pot users generally as unfit parents and a threat to pubic safety.

“You know what, Colorado, gets what they asked for,” Grace continued.

“Oh that is a bad statement, Nancy Grace,” Baldwin responded, wincing, as Grace repeated her claim that pot users are “fat and lazy.”

The discussion on safe use of pot continued for a couple minutes before Grace somewhat playfully accused Baldwin, who mostly seems exasperated with Grace as a person at this point, of being on the side of pot users.