National Guard Arizona Border Patrol Agents Illegal Immigration

Homeland Security will deploy the National Guard at the Arizona Border to combat illegal immigration.

National Guard Arizona border patrol agents will deploy in August. The border along Arizona will soon be protected by troops from the National Guard. Arizona wanted the federal government to send in the National Guard in the first place, but when they declined, the immigration law was created.

National Guard Arizona Border Patrol Agents Illegal Immigration

“These troops will provide direct support to federal law enforcement officers and agents working in high-risk areas to disrupt criminal organizations seeking to move people and goods illegally across the Southwest border,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a statement. The federal government is trying to move in quickly in an effort to fight the new immigration law just in time before the November elections.

Arizona residents want to know what took the federal government so long to deploy the troops. Citizens across the state are victims of routine crime from Mexico stemmed from border security problems. The state felt that it had no choice but to create its own illegal immigration law.

Border Patrol agents will arrive on August 1, the first indication that the federal government is finally doing its job. The additional reinforcements will help Arizona fight illegal immigration from Mexico. “We are also reassigning major technology assets, including mobile surveillance systems, thermal-imaging binocular units, and trucks equipped with detection scopes, as well as observation and utility aircraft,” Napolitano said in a statement.

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