Obama Has Concerns With Malia Using Facebook

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/31/2012 10:29 AM ET

President Barack Obama constantly worries about Malia being on Facebook, just like other everyday parents. Obama sat down for an interview with MTV News and talked about his role as a father his Facebook concerns. It all started when MTV asked the president if he was more concerned about his eldest daughter dating, driving, or visiting the social network.

“I’d worry about Facebook right now,” Obama said of his daughter. “I know the folks at Facebook obviously they’ve revolutionized, you know, the social networks. But Malia, because she’s well known, I’m very keen on her protecting her privacy.”

“She can make her own decisions obviously later as she gets older, but right now, even just for security reasons, she doesn’t have a Facebook page. Dates, that’s fine, ’cause she’s got Secret Service protection,” he added smiling. As for getting behind the wheel, “Driver’s license, that always worries a parent. But you know, sooner or later they’ve got to leave the nest, so we’ll have to figure out how she gets the license.”

Malia, now 14, plays tennis, has a cell phone and must learn to do laundry before she leaves for college. Sasha, 11, can already chat in Mandarin.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s family values and parenting skills are lauded by mothers and fathers around the world. “The [Obama] family seems so utterly normal, the type of people who could be at the soccer game or basketball game,” Steve Schmidt, who managed Senator John McCain’s 2008 bid for president, previously told the NY Times.

As typical adolescents, Sasha and Malia do sometimes still need to be reminded of good behavior by their parents.

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