Obama: Trump Not Serious GOP Challenge Or Any Worry For Democrats

President Barack Obama has a lot of on his plate. But when it comes to Donald Trump, Obama doesn’t take him serious as a Republican contender and says the job isn’t for him, according to The Business Insider.

Obama was interviewed by GQ magazine, conducted by HBO’s Bill Simmons. One of the topics, of course, was Trump.

Obama: Trump would’ve been fun to campaign against

“I would’ve enjoyed campaigning against Trump. That would’ve been fun,” the president said. He also professed his “love” for the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” but admitted that his “problem” with the show was that he doesn’t “remember the names of any of the characters.”

“My favorite character is probably … the dwarf, what’s his name,” Obama, said referring to Tyrion Lannister, a character in the show played by actor Peter Dinklage.

Trump said Obama is sending Syrian refugees to Republican states in an effort to dump up support for Democrats. It’s an unusual allegation, but the presidential hopeful said the administration doesn’t want to bother the Democrats.

“They send them to the Republicans, not to the Democrats, you know because they know the problem … why would we want to bother the Democrats?” The presidential hopeful’s allegations come one day after several governors, mainly Republicans, vowed to resist federal efforts to settle refugees in their home states.

President Barack Obama has said the U.S. will accept 10,000 refugees from Syria over the next year. But Trump says the number is far higher, about 250,000. Trump also tweeted, “Refugees from Syria are now pouring into our great country. Who knows who they are – some could be ISIS. Is our president insane?”

Trump, during a rally in Knoxville, Tenn., said the refugees should stay within Syria. “What I’d like is … build a big beautiful safe zone and you have whatever it is so people can live, and they’ll be happier,” he said.

Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, said his state is already hosting dozens of Syrian refugees because “everybody wants to come to Florida” due to its low taxes and ample job opportunities. Trump says Obama is sending twice as many refugees to Republican states, “In California, you have a Democrat as a governor; in Florida you have Rick Scott so they send them to the Republicans. Taking these people is absolutely insanity.”

Both Democrat and Republican governors have accepted Syrian refugees, although the number is nearly double for GOP states. More than 1,000 refugees have been accepted into states with Republican governors since January 1, while just over 500 have moved to Democratic-led states.

While Obama says Trump isn’t ready for the White House, he has another problem on his hands. He’s been using the Secret Service to keep tabs on his eldest daughter Malia’s admirers because he has “seen some folks glancing at her in ways that made me not happy.”