Obama's Passport Issued 'Born Hawaii' Citizenship

By: Staff
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 21, 2021

Obama's passport reveals birthplace Hawaii, birthers still question citizenship.

Obama's password issued 'born hawaii' citizenship. Birthers still claim the President's passport is fake, along with blurred expiration date. Birthers disagree that Obama was born in Hawaii.

The president's is stamped just as anyone would normally be. All prior president's have passports handled the same way. Of course, all of this is handled by his members of staff.

This information comes courtesy of White House Week, a video series that's posted on the administration's website. The current edition features viewer questions. Some of the questions are about passports.

Birthers disagree that Obama was born in Hawaii. A White House video has helpfully provided a picture of the president's passport, which does list his birthplace as such. However, not to create more controversy, but the passport issuance and expiration dates are cut out by the White House.