​PJ O’Rourke Endorsing Hillary Clinton Amid Divided GOP Over Donald Trump

PJ O'Rourke Hillary Clinton
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May. 10, 2016

PJ O’Rourke endorses Hillary Clinton for president amid rumors that he was voting for Donald Trump. The conservative polemicist whose books unaccountably get shelved in the “humor” section, made the announcement this weekend on National Public Radio’s news quiz show “Wait Wait…Don’t tell Me!”

Surprisingly, the most biting comment of the whole show wasn’t even the “endorsement” of Hillary; it was host Peter Sagal’s introduction of Tom Bodett as “A man of few words, especially recently published ones,” Red State reports.

As PJ O’Rourke endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, many people can’t forget how he loathes her (which is a full Benghazi hearing’s worth of loathing). O’Rourke reminds everyone that she is at least an actual human politician as most of the Republican Party is divided on who they will support, even if the voters have chosen their nominee.

“I am endorsing Hillary. And all her lies and all her empty promises. I am endorsing Hillary. The second worst thing that could happen to this country. But she’s way behind in second place, you know? She’s wrong about absolutely everything — but she’s wrong within normal parameters,” O’Rourke said.

P.J. O’Rourke is the same person who many blame for running National Lampoon into the ground when he was the editor. It was a perfectly good satire magazine when they handed it to him; don’t talk to us about a “changing magazine marketplace” or “staff moving on to other gigs” or “Michael O’Donoghue and Doug Kenney dying,” or other factors.

All those awful movies they made after Animal House (fine, and Vacation, although the original short story by John Hughes, “Vacation ’58,” was still better). And even though he didn’t write the “O.C. and Stiggs” stories, they happened on O’Rourke’s watch, for which he cannot be forgiven by the fans.

While PJ O’Rourke endorses Hillary Clinton for president, he’s the “America’s Leading Satirist,” at least according to the Cato Institute, for whom he wrote the most unhilarious legal brief ever filed in American history. Every few weeks he’s on “Wait Wait,” and then he returns to his home in Obscurity, New Hampshire, where he keeps churning out stuff that someone, somewhere finds funny, The Portland Mercury reported.

But some of his fans are not very good at appreciating rightwing humor anyway. The endorsement only proves that maybe Donald Trump is so awful that not even P.J. O’Rourke can bring himself to support him, which is a pretty remarkable achievement.

“This man just can’t be president,” O’Rourke said on NPR. “They’ve got this button — this briefcase. He’s going to find it.”

As PJ O’Rourke endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, Bernie Sanders has left the door open for the vice-president nomination. Most people believe Clinton and Sanders can take Trump’s chances away if they join forces.

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