​Rick Scott Donald Trump: Vice President Speculation For Trump Aimed At Florida Governor

Rick Scott Donald Trump
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Feb. 25, 2016

Rick Scott and Donald Trump may or may not have a lot in common when it comes to politics. Scott is part of a new theory thrown into the Republican presidential race that could make a lot of sense for the Vice President position going forward, according NewsMax.

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are playing nice with one another — and savaging Ted Cruz — because a backroom deal has been cut between the two to form a ticket with the real estate tycoon as the presidential nominee and the Florida senator as the second in command. But could the other really be Rick Scott?

Rick Scott Donald Trump: Vice President speculation with Florida governor

Rick Scott Donald Trump: Vice President speculation with Florida governor

The speculation about who the real estate tycoon will pick as his vice president is strong. There’s obviously a caveat or two when choosing a running mate.

First, Rick Scott and Donald Trump would be an interesting decision. The vice presidential picks are very, very difficult to handicap. It is an intensely personal decision that is extremely tightly held. It’s one of the last big secrets in the modern era of politics.

Second, the way people think about who a presidential nominee might pick as a vice president tends to depend on the oldest and crustiest of conventional wisdom. A candidate ca pick someone from a swing state they need to win. Or you pick someone whose experience or skill set complements your own.

Trump has broken every bit of conventional wisdom so far in this race. So the idea that Donald will suddenly start following the established rules of order in his vice presidential pick seems unlikely.

In fact, it’s much easier to figure out who Trump won’t pick than it is who he might. For example, Trump isn’t going to choose Cruz as his vice presidential nominee. The Donald seems to genuinely loathe the Texas senator, as his Tuesday morning Twitter barrage reveals for, approximately, the 1,000th time.

Governor Scott is a governor of a large state. But Rick has his roots in the private sector — making millions as a health-care executive before he ran for office in 2010. And Scott got into the governor’s mansion by beating the Florida Republican establishment at its own game — sort of like Trump has done in this race.

Marco Rubio

Plus, don’t forget that Rick Scott was an early advocate of Donald Trump’s message: “I think he is capturing the frustration of many Americans after seven years of President Obama’s very intentional government takeover of the U.S. economy,” Scott wrote of Trump in a very favorable op-ed in USA Today in January.

Under normal circumstances, the fact that Scott’s company paid a $1.7 billion Medicare fraud penalty would be disqualifying. But this is Donald Trump and Rick Scott we are talking about in a very unusual race for the Republicans. Food for thought.

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