Rocker Ted Nugent Obama Clueless President

Ted Nugent describes Obama as a clueless rookie president.

Ted Nugent Obama clueless, were the words the rocker described the American President. In fact, Ted Nugent came out and called Obama a clueless communist. Ted Nugent was also on Fox News Channel describing President Obama’s clueless on how to handle the economy and the BP oil spill.

The White House has not commented on the statements made by Ted Nugent. The legendary rocker got fired up after a Supreme Court 5-4 ruling on June 28 that extended the Second Amendment to states and cities. It was extended ahead of the Fourth of July holiday to celebrate the U.S.’s independence.

Nugent, 61, said it “comes as no surprise that this insane level of madness” reached the Supreme Court, “with the Mao Zedong fan club in the White House, a clueless, rookie president hellbent on spending like a maniac as unprecedented debt piles up all around him, and every other imaginable indicator of an America turned upside-down.” The fact is, whether you like Ted Nugent or not, the man might be right.

Ted Nugent has often spoken against Obama and called him a communist. The rock singer and guitarist, most famous for songs such as “Cat Scratch Fever” is also an author of the books Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto and God, Guns and Rock ‘N’ Roll. Nugent said the Supreme Court’s recent “McDonald v. City of Chicago” decision was “further proof that the American way is being attacked like never before.

“By all intellectually honest considerations, my gift of life qualifies as supreme, and not only worthy of defending, but clearly demanding to be defended by all moral beings,” Nugent said.