Sony Cuts PS3 Price by $150 for PlayStation Card Holders

Sony is slashing the price on its PS3 by $150 for those who get a PlayStation credit card. Gamers who get qualified for a credit card will also get a buy one, get one free offer on any Blu-ray DVD purchase.

Getting the new PlayStation card will be difficult for people who have little or no credit. This is due to the current global financial crises. Those who get an approval will be able to receive a $150 price cut for the PS3 video gaming system.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc has launched a new PlayStation card offer, a price cut of $150 on a new PS3 video gaming system. Furthermore, Sony is offering a buy one, get one free offer on any Blu-ray DVD purchase to those who qualify for the new credit card.

Getting a PlayStation card will most likely be for those with a good credit rating. Gamers with little or no credit might not be able to get in on the offer. This is only on account of the current global financial crises.

The $150 credit will appear on the credit card’s next billing statement. However, there will be an instant credit for Blu-ray DVD the buy one, get one free promotion.

For gamers who don’t have much luck on getting a PlayStation card, there are still other deals going on. For instance, Microsoft Corp has cut the price for its entry-level Xbox 360 from $279 to $199. Moreover, prices for the Xbox 360 mid-range and high-end gaming systems are slashed by $50.

PS3 sales have fallen behind the Xbox 350 and Nintendo of America’s Wii system since August.