​35 Money-Saving Home Decor Knock-Offs​​

By: | 04/11/2021 08:33 AM ET

35 Money-Saving Home Decor Knock-Offs - One of the cheapest ways to afford your home decor is to buy knock-offs and we have 35 money-saving ideas to help you get started.

35 Money-Saving Home Decor Knock-Offs

1.) Use free sources around you: From magazines, the internet, to satellite home & garden programs the world is at your fingertips for decor ideas.

2.) Determine your budget before you begin: Let’s face it, if you didn’t have a budget your home would be already complete, and you wouldn’t need these money saving tips. Everyone needs to set a budget to have boundaries on your wallet and your home.

3.) Start at the front door/entry: When guests walk in your home they should get a sense of your style instantly. Maximize a foyer space without over cluttering. Try using a chest or decorative baskets to house keys or mail.

4.) Maximize your existing furniture: Consider re-upholstering furniture with updated colored and styled materials. Slip covers offer a quick and easy solution for changing out furniture for different seasons and or occasions.

5.) Redesign your furniture layout: Believe it or not, your space can look dramatically different just by moving the furniture. Find a new focal point — like a fireplace, an outdoor view, an accent wall with a television, and move your furniture to compliment it.

6.) Paint a room or accent wall with a bold color: Paint is the most affordable decorating tool you have, so go for it. Paint an accent wall in a contrasting or complementing color to your furniture.

7.) Use accessories to bring a new look to furniture: Use throw pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs to give your ‘old’ room a new look and feel.

8.) Use accent lighting to highlight decor and interiors: Wall sconces with directional lighting can add drama to a once boring hallway or foyer.

9.) Make wall treatments from everyday materials: Windows can get an added decorative touch with wall treatments. Inexpensive ones can be made with do it yourself home kits, and a sewing machine.

10.) Accessorize your bathroom with affordable decor: Towels, shower curtains/rods, and bath mats are easy and inexpensive ways to bring color and a theme to a boring bathroom.

11.) Search online classifieds and garage sales for cheap finds: Craigslist, Backpages and other online classifieds can be a great treasure chest for some.

12.) Do your homework when shopping: Often home decor items are bought on a whim which is alright for the occasional item. For furniture and long time investment pieces you will save more money buying quality once that lasts, rather than junk that you have to replace 10 times.

13.) Use natural ingredients for an eye catching centerpiece: The next time you are in the grocery store; don’t overlook the produce section to add color to your home.

14.) Splurge on big impact decor: When buying decorative pieces for your home, use the majority of your money on items that will make a huge statement.

15.) Create table scapes to match the season: Create mini collages of decorative items on your buffet, dining room, and sofa tables to bring the outdoors in.

16.) Update the plumbing fixtures: Your bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures are decor “accessories” of your sinks and showers. Instead of replacing an entire countertop, try changing out the fixtures for more modern or more ornate ones.

17.) Faux painting wall techniques deliver a wow factor: Painting has come a long way over the years. Faux painting techniques can make your walls look like suede, leather, stucco, or even denim.

18.) Door pulls and handles can change your cabinets: Install new door pulls and handles to give a new look to a previously boring or out-of-date door pull.

19.) Do it yourself and save: Long gone are the days when do-it-yourself projects were only for crafts people and those handy with power tools. Online tutorials, You Tube, satellite television DIY networks and the internet — the world of home improvement is at your fingertips.

20.) Don’t forget your local home improvement store: You can learn a lot from the home improvement store around the corner. Most stores have hands-on learning workshops that provide free lessons on home decor projects.

21.) Can’t afford wallpaper? Use wall stickers and decals to give a decorative touch without the fuss of hanging wallpaper.

22.) Save money and plan ahead with the proper tools when shopping: When purchasing large pieces of furniture, measure out the space in your home first. Don’t eyeball it.

23.) Use your family’s artwork/collectibles as art: Shadow boxes are a wonderful way to display your kid’s artwork, camp projects, and sports medals/awards around your home. Instead of throwing them in a drawer, choose ones that have lots of color and display them on a contrasting color wall.

24.) Don’t underestimate using mirrors in your decor: Mirrors have reinvented themselves in the last few years in the design world, and they are bigger than ever in home decor.

25.) Reface kitchen and bathroom cabinets: To get a whole new look by spending half of the money, consider refacing cabinetry.

26.) Use decorative furniture to hide clutter: Furniture that has removable tops, like ottomans and movable sofa cubes are a great way to hide CD’s, gaming supplies, and kid’s toys.

27.) New ways to refinish hardwood floors: For a new look paint or use a different color stain on your floor. Visit your home improvement store to see what products are made for pre-finished floors.

28.) Add visual interest to kid’s room: For creative and cheap wall ideas consider using chalkboard paint and stencils.

29.) Bring the outdoors inside: Use natural products like wood, seagrass, jute, hemp and greenery to make your indoors alive with color, texture and richness.

30.) Opt for laminates instead of the real thing: Laminate wood flooring has been manufactured and delivered in a more believable look and feel in today’s home decor.

31.) To inexpensively decorate your fireplace take cues from your existing furnishings and style. For a rustic fireplace with stones and bricks, consider natural fibers and wood derived decor on the mantle.

32.) Thrift stores can help you adopt a Bohemian decor style: Eclectic styles are wonderful because they have no boundaries. Thrift stores can help you find inexpensive treasures to decorate with.

33.) Give your lighting a makeover: Lamps and lighting can make or break a space. By buying new lampshades you can give an old boring lamp new life.

34.) Decorate with artifacts from past vacations and travels: If you are a lover of travel and bringing back home decor items, use those items proudly around your home. An empty corner could house an expensive piece of furniture, or tucked in a closet may be an artisan artifact from your trip to Tahiti that you didn’t know where to put it! Jewelry put in shadow boxes or used as framed art is beautiful for display.

35.) Decorate your bathroom with outdoor inspiration: The spa inspired bathroom is a sought after feel that can be achieved inexpensively with natural woods, subtle colors, fluffy towels, and river rock. Arrange a basket of river rock on the bottom of a beautiful basket with pampering bath gels, soaps and sponges to give the look of a luxury day spa without hurting your wallet.