​George Boedecker, Jr. Penthouse​​

By: | 03/31/2013 08:46 AM ET

George Boedecker, Jr. Penthouse - This is one big penthouse in Colorado that was built by George Boedecker, Jr. after making millions from his Crocs. This property has an incredible view in just about every window. It’s mostly lit from the sun, saving on energy heating costs and electricity.

George Boedecker, Jr. Penthouse

It all started in 2004 when his business partners got the proprietary rights for a foam resin they decided to turn into candy-colored, unabashedly hideous spa footwear.

Nine years, one beleaguered independent public offering, and well over 200M pairs later, Boedecker has made his millions with Crocs, but is now ready to forfeit the Boulder, Colo., penthouse he bought in 2008.

Listed in for $4.3M — that’s the value of roughly 143,333 pairs of Crocs, as Realtor.com points out — Boedecker’s pad offers 3,736 square feet of the “absolute pinnacle of Boulder luxury living,” with heated hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, and “an abundance of windows.”

It sounds nice and all, but it comes at a (literally) high cost; the median list price for Boulder is $358 a square foot. That’s equivalent to $1,150 a square foot, more than three times the median.

But the penthouse offers natural beauty that’s hard to find anywhere.