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By: | 04/18/2013 04:36 PM ET

Home Improvements That Waste Your Money - Home improvement can increase value in your property, but there are some tasks that are simply a waste of your money. Many of them, such as installing new windows and re-roofing are best left to the professionals and well worth the cost of hiring someone.

Home Improvements That Waste Your Money

However, other improvements can easily be done by the homeowner with little difficulty and a tremendous amount of cost savings.

One of the easiest home improvements you can do yourself is hanging new blinds. When you purchase your blinds, the store will usually offer to come install them for you, for an astronomical fee. Hanging blinds is a relatively easy job, though, that just about anyone can do if you just simply follow the instructions included with the blinds.

The tools required are simple tools that nearly everyone has, and the skills required are next to none. Paying someone else to do this is simply a waste of money.

Another great way to improve and modernize your home is to hang new lighting fixtures. The cost to get someone else to do this can easily be twice the amount of the fixtures themselves! In reality, though, the only thing that keeps most people from doing it themselves is simple fear of electricity.

If you follow the directions that come with the lighting fixture and shut the power off at the circuit breaker, this job is almost as simple as hanging blinds. Don’t waste your money on hiring someone else to hang lights for you. Spend the money on better lights, instead!

Painting is another very easy do it yourself project that will add value to your home and make you feel much better about the home as well. A new coat of paint can really do wonders for a room, changing the whole look and feel of the room in as little as a couple of hours. Careful attention to detail is the secret to properly painting a room.

The bottom line here is, you can save yourself a lot of money, if you’re just willing to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Some projects are best left to the professionals, but sometimes it’s just a waste of money to bring someone in to do something you can do yourself.