​Joan Rivers Penthouse Royalty: Daughter Of Late Comedian Sells Manhattan Penthouse After 2 Years

Joan Rivers’s penthouse royalty residence sells for $28 million after it was on the market for two years. The late comedian once described it as a home where Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had money, according to YAHOO Homes.

Rivers lived there before she passed away last year. Joan was located on Manhattan’s East Side and her penthouse was eventually inherited by her daughter Melissa.

Totaling more than 5,000 square feet in space, the apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-burning fireplaces, a parlor, a mezzanine floor, and a second floor. It is decorated with candelabra-like light fixtures on its walls, and white decorative drapes, and has hardwood floors.

Joan Rivers’s penthouse royalty sells after two years

Joan Rivers’ penthouse is royalty with support beams that separate the living areas with Greek columns and the spacious master bath has a standalone ornate tub. It is everything that the buyers wanted, but their identity has not been revealed.

Rivers had put the apartment on the market two years ago for $29.5 million. Joan was the head of her building’s condo board.

The penthouse royalty occupies the entire top three floors of the seven-story, 42-foot wide, turn-of-the 20th Century limestone mansion built in 1903 by millionaire John Drexel and his socialite wife Alice Troth Drexel in Lennox Hill near the corner of Fifth Ave. The home was converted into condominium apartments in the 1930s.

Rivers had come a long way from the simple Brooklyn apartment building in which she grew up. Joan lived with her parents and older sister in apartment 107 at the 16-story Art Deco building 135 Eastern Parkway.

The place where she last lived also has some history because it inspired a famous book writer. Ernest Hemingway once lived there and it is where he wrote The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

Joan suffered a medical emergency that led to her death last year. Melissa Rivers filed a malpractice lawsuit in January against doctors and the clinic where her mother went for a procedure to check on her throat.

“The level of medical mismanagement, incompetency, disrespect, and outrageous behavior is shocking and frankly, almost incomprehensible, ” Melissa said in a statement. She claims her mother fell unconscious and never woke up.

Rivers was unconscious on the operating table as doctors allegedly allowed a cell phone to take selfies of the late comedian. Joan was suffocating from oxygen and needed assistance while the doctors were taking photos, according to Melissa.

“The conduct is unfortunately outrageous,” said one of her lawyers, Ben Rubinowitz. “Not only is their medical mismanagement but you have a situation where doctors are taking photos of a patient when she needed assistance. They didn’t recognize the fact that she wasn’t getting sufficient oxygen.”

Joan Rivers’ penthouse was a royalty secret until she opened up about ghosts. She once said that the lavish Manhattan apartment had a ghost of a past resident who demanded flowers on a daily basis.