​New York Castle For Sale: Check Out The Medieval Listing

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 10, 2014

A New York castle without it’s prince or princess is for sale for $1 million, which was modeled after a medieval castle. This home stretches 36,000 feet of living and has four soaring turrets for security.

The structure may look like it has gothic roots, but in actuality it was built in 1894 for the National Guard in the town of Amsterdam. In fact, it’s the only armory in the state that has been transformed into a single-family house. Although some updates are needed to make it a bit more cozy, the over-the-top amenities like a full gymnasium, rifle range, and, um, communal showers.

You might think it’s a fortress, or something you would see in a Dracula movie, but this castle is the perfect home for someone who has a million dollars to spend.

Of course, the new owner will have to deal with the rumors about the place. One tabloid reported that the water around the property was infested with piranha moat. Could you imagine such a place?

The castle would certainly be a great place to host a Halloween bash party.

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