​Open House Trends For Small Details

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May 13, 2021

The latest open house trends have something for any home, whether it’s brand-new or having a kitchen makeover. There are several big and small details to lose sleep over, but don’t sweat the big stuff.

Right now, kitchens are hot. Everyone wants an eat-in kitchen and a large working island because there are more social activities around food, wine and cooking. We often knock down walls and open up the kitchen to the family room or other spaces. We turned a separate kitchen and dining room in a 1980s builder home into one big room.

Kitchens are the No. 1 remodeling project because it’s the part of the house that feels the most dated and typically done in the style of the era the home was built. What people want today goes back to the farmhouse idea of the kitchen as the heart of the home — with cooking on one side and a big table for seating on the other side. Now it’s updated with a center island, easy pullout drawers and walk-in pantries. Today’s kitchen fits more seamlessly aesthetically with the rest of the house.

Also, the party always happens in the kitchen, and people want it open to the rest of the house. Big center islands give you enough room to spread out, cook and work on a laptop. We use a lot of stock Ikea cabinets — they’re cost-effective, and people like the clean look. Granite is still popular because it’s cheaper now. But a lot of people are attracted to salvaged marble — it’s softer and can stain, but they like the tactile qualities.

Bathrooms are also a big trend. Layered lighting is key for putting on makeup, shaving and ambient lighting. Radiant in-floor heat adds a spa feel. The full-glass-door shower is taking precedence over the tub.

People now know what a dual-flush toilet is. There’s so much more to pick from and better design quality in water-saving features. And if we’re limited on space, we’ll put in an oversized step-in shower and give up the bathtub.

In addition, bathrooms are more open, with natural light and often have views of nature from a tub or sink. Most remodeling is done by integrated “furniture-like” cabinetry highlighting separate sink areas. The vanity cabinet appears to float off the floor with lighting underneath. People invest in really terrific showers with multiple heads.

These are a few ideas to help with your remodeling.