​Post-Winter Home Repairs List​​

By: | 04/10/2021 10:10 AM ET

Post-Winter Home Repairs - Spring is when most property owners do repairs and gardening around their home, a task that is usually delayed until post-winter. The weather certainly damages your gardening, and those flowers that you planted last summer are probably withering away.

Post Winter Home Repairs

The time to do it is from March through May. Ideally, before the weather turns too hot to work on your home. This is the time to pick up those leaves and begin mulching. For vegetable gardening, it’s also time to turn the soil.

It’s the roof in your home that’s probably going to warrant your attention first. Rainfall and snow which has frozen during the colder months may have cracked your guttering, so make sure you give it a thorough check once it’s all melted. Run some water through and have a friend or family member walk around the property to look for any leaks, if any are identified then you can block these easily with filler.

Leaking drainpipes may not sound too dangerous, but continued exposure to water can play havoc with the structural integrity of your home.

Animals can often try to seek shelter in your home during Winter, when they try to escape the cold or locate a suitable nest for breeding. Your loft and basement are at the most risk, but don’t discount the seemingly inconsequential areas like cracks in your walls or holes. You’d be surprised at how small an area mice and rats can start their families in!

Make sure that you scour your home for any sign of animal life; droppings are going to be your biggest clue!

If you feel that your home is draughty after the Winter, your window sealant and glazing may have been compromised by the ice; in the same way as your guttering. Materials expand and contract during the change in temperature and you can find that you’re at the mercy of wind and draughts. Not only will this make your relaxing television time a little less warm, but you can see a rise in your energy bills too and feel out of pocket.

These repairs don’t cost much, but it will if don’t pay attention to your home.