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Staff Reporter
Aug. 6, 2014

Ray Lewis, a 16-year veteran of the Baltimore Ravens who retired from the NFL, is selling his unusual Maryland home for $1.1 million. Everything looks great, until you get the Lewis bath, which is in red.

The four bedroom, four bath home sits on more than two acres. It’s got an Olympic-size pool, two fireplaces and a whole lot of personal touches, like the Ravens BLVD sign in the trophy room, the framed Lewis jerseys hanging on the wall and a host of artwork featuring the likeness and/or name of the former linebacker, who’s tied to a 2000 double murder outside an Atlanta nightclub and is now an NFL analyst for ESPN.

Plus, note the built-in fish tank, the bright red bathroom and the various other touches that we’d think make this home’s interior seriously individualistic.

The bright red portions of Lewis’ house are taking a real pounding on the Internet, where, for the $1.1 million asking price, people seem to be expecting something a little more millionaire’s club and something a little less fast-food diner.

Lewis paid $753,000 for the 4,283-square-foot Owings Mills, Md., home back in 1999. It’s full of granite and fireplaces and has an Olympic-sized pool, a sauna, two fireplaces and one of those full-room closets you see on MTV’s “Cribs,” which actually once featured the place on an episode that included Ted Nugent.

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