​Tiger’s House Sinking In Florida

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 6, 2014

Tiger Woods returned to his Jupiter Island mansion in Florida with girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, only to find the house is sinking and quickly deteriorating. Tiger’s 10,000-sq.-ft. waterfront mansion is on Florida’s soft soil.

Over time, the organic materials in the soil begin to decompose, resulting in a major hassle for homeowners.

Life for the lovebirds was par for the course, that is until Woods and Vonn began noticing cracks in the walls and doorframes throughout the residence.

In an effort to save the sinking house, Woods, who purchased the property in 2006 for $44.5 million, reportedly hired contractors, who have started to stabilize the home with helical piles.

“This sort of thing occurs quite a bit in Florida,” Skip Barrett of South Coast Foundation Systems told Gossip Extra. “In Florida, the soil has layers of organic matter that eventually decomposes. Once that happens, many homes start sinking.”

Contractors have already opened a large hole in his dining room to further trouble-shoot the situation.

Hopefully, this all gets worked out soon, because it would be shame to see a stunning estate like this go under.

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