Renewable Energy Funding Drives Green Projects

Renewable energy is a top priority to help reduce foreign oil dependency. Green energy can be collected from solar panels and the wind.

The primary renewable energy lab in the United States has received federal funding. The green energy lab will build future efficient projects

Renewable Energy Projects Underway To Develop Green Technologies

The main renewable energy lab in the United States which develops new projects and technologies has received $193 million in federal funding. The green energy lab will build future efficient projects, which will use alternative methods including wind, solar, and water. These new renewable methods can be used to power future hybrid cars and electricity for homes.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will receive the primary funding for the projects. The first $110 million will go to the lab, and another $83 million will go toward alternative solutions including wind energy and other efficiency projects.

“Wind energy will be one of the most important contributors to meeting President Obama’s target of generating 10 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2012,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in a statement.

The wind energy research money will be administered by the Department of Energy. It includes $45 million to research and test drive-train systems for wind turbines. About $14 million will go to encourage private industry in the development of lighter, more advanced materials for wind turbine components and $24 million will go into universities to focus on green technological improvements for wind energy.

Chu’s visit to the green energy lab was his first as energy secretary. He is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, California. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter said Chu is moving the U.S. toward “the next place that we need to go as a country.”

The Energy Department is managing $39 billion in grants, tax breaks, and loan guarantees under the stimulus package, with much of it going to renewable energy and conservation programs.