Satellites and Tickets

Satellites and tickets will be part of a new technology to patrol motorists in Britain. The UK is testing global positioning satellites and advanced speed cameras to issue speeding tickets. These technologies come with number plate recognition to track speeding vehicles.

Tickets will be issued under the radar from space. The system is called “SpeedSpike” and can be operated at a low cost. It is currently being tested for accuracy at two locations in London with the AA (Automobile Association).

The AA is monitoring the tests for SpeedSpike’s effectiveness. They are watching the tests carefully but do not regard the development as threatening for drivers. They believe the system is intended to issue tickets in residential areas that will cover a network of roads rather than just a straight line.

The devices could monitor thousands of vehicles over big areas. The cameras can communicate with each other by using a network grid. GPS information is used to issue speeding tickets by calculating the average speed of vehicles between any two locations.

Cameras will use the same technology currently used in London to enforce speed limits. It is similar to a system used to monitor speeds around road construction areas on major roads. It is a state-of-the-art road patrol system at its best.

SpeedSpike Recognizes Plate Numbers In All Weathers

SpeedSpike was developed by Texas-based company PIPS Technology. The company also has an office in Hampshire. The system promotes itself as easy to install and affordable. The House of Commons described the system as being capable of recognizing plate numbers in all weathers.

In fact, it can read plates at any time of day or night. The government suggested that the new devices could cut the need for speed bumps. However, the GPS radar system for tickets is stirring some controversy among citizens.

Criticism From Civil Rights Groups

Civil rights groups are querying whether it is necessary to spy on motorists. They warn that it may become routine and don’t believe the state has the right to spy on its citizens. At present, the system has not been approved by the government.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation satellite that provides reliable location. It can provide accurate geographic coordinates anywhere on Earth. It is maintained by the United States government with free accessibility to anyone with a GPS receiver.