​2000-Year-Old Grave Site: Construction Crews Find Grave​​

By: | 07/15/2013 02:43 PM ET

2,000-year-old remains have been discovered in an ancient grave by construction crews in Mexico, and archaeologists say they are part of an ancient pyramid. Archaeologists say the grave contained 30 skeletons at the settlement, which lies in the village of Jaltipan.

2000 Year Old Grave Site

According to the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, clay figurines, mirrors, jade beads and animal remains were also uncovered.

At this time, very little is known about the settlement or the people that inhabited it. The area is thought to have been active from about the first-century A.D. until 600 or 700 A.D.

Archaeologist Alfredo Delgado reported in a statement, “All that is known so far is that of the 30 burials, two at least belong to infants.”

Thought to possibly be left as companions in the underworld, deer antlers and bones belonging to deer, fish, dogs, coyote and birds were found in the graves.

Research leader Alfredo Delgado said the discovery occurred during construction work being done in the area.

“Analyses will enable us to see whether this site was multicultural, as is indicated by the materials found, or whether the inhabitants were all the same genetic types.

“This find has great value not only for the number of skeletons found, but also for the fossils that have appeared, and which at some time were brought from the central part of the country, since in this region that are no remains of this kind,” the archaeologist said.

Artifacts found at the site hint that the settlement may have been multicultural. Mayan figurines and stonework were discovered alongside pottery that appears to have come from Teotihuacan, an ancient city.

The 39-foot pyramid was found on a hill and appears, according to researchers, to be either Mayan or Tagin.