​Dinosaur Fossil Eggs Found In Popular Region (Photos)​​

By: | 03/18/2013 09:03 AM ET

Dinosaur eggs, which date back to 71 million years ago, have been been discovered by a group of scientists in Spain. In fact, the eggs discovered have excited archeologists who say there are four different fossils that had never been found before.

Dinosaur Fossil Eggs

The region is actually called Coll de Nargó, which is known for important findings in Western Europe. Researchers believe that the eggs were left behind millions of years ago.

“Eggshells, eggs and nests were found in abundance and they all belong to dinosaurs, sauropods in particular,” the study’s leader, Albert Garc­ia Sellés from the Miquel Crusafont Catalan Palaeontology Institute, said in a statement.

The eggshell fragments and dozens of clutches were nestled in the stratigraphic layers of the Tremp geological formation at the site of Coll de Nargó in the Spanish province of Lleida, which was a marshy region during the Late Cretaceous Period, the researchers said.

“Up until now, only one type of dinosaur egg had been documented in the region: Megaloolithus siruguei,” Sellés added. He added that this team found at least four other species in the discovery, which are Cairanoolithus roussetensis, Megaloolithus aureliensis, Megaloolithus siruguei and Megaloolithus baghensis.

Rresearchers believe that their study shows the nest was used by several dinosaurs from the Late Campanian age, which dates 71 million years ago, to the Late Maastrichtian age, estimated at 67 million years ago.

“We had never found so many nests in the one area before. In addition, the presence of various oospecies (eggs species) at the same level suggests that different types of dinosaurs shared the same nesting area,” Sellés said.

You can read the entire reports on the fossil eggs in the March issue of the journal Cretaceous Research.