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Does Bigfoot Exist?

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/25/2012 05:31 PM ET

Does Bigfoot Exist? People have been asking that question for decades, and even though there’s no proof of such an animal existence, we can’t rule out that Bigfoot might be the missing evolution puzzle that separates man from ape. However, Spike TV has a huge offer if anyone wants to investigate.

The cable network is teaming with Lloyd’s of London for a new one-hour reality show, “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.” The title pretty much says it all: Teams of explorers will go on a grand expedition for proof that Bigfoot — the mythical hairy creature said to roam the forests of America’s Pacific Northwest and other areas — actually exists.

Should one of the teams accomplish the mission, a $10 million prize, underwritten by renowned insurer’s Lloyd’s of London, awaits.

It would be the largest cash prize in history, in the unlikely event that one of the teams actually comes up with evidence.

Some people believe that it’s all publicity for Spike TV.

While many people claim to witness Bigfoot, mostly in remote areas surrounded by trees, there have been videos. Some of them are hoaxes, but a few seem real. The problem is, no one has ever captured one of these creatures, but they have seen the gorilla suits.

Ray Wallace dressed in an ape costume, and had his friends carve giant bare feet. Then he stamped all around his house. People believed this was Bigfoot.

Fifty years later, after Wallace’s death, his family admitted the costume. Apparently, he was afraid that people would be mad at him over the hoax. He didn’t realize that it would become such a so huge.

Keep in mind that there are animals on Earth that have never been discovered.

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