Humans Thought To Have A Magnetic Sixth Sense

According to a new study, humans have a magnetic sixth sense that gives us the ability to detect fields.

The study suggest the protein in the human retina is capable of working as a magneto-sensor. It’s been dubbed the magnetic sixth sense. Despite the findings, scientist are unsure of whether the mind and body knows when the ‘sense’ is being used.

Steven Reppert, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, told LiveScience, “It poses the question, ‘maybe we should rethink about this sixth sense. It is thought to be very important for how animals migrate. Perhaps this protein is also fulfilling an important function for sensing magnetic fields in humans.” He also added, “It may aid how animals perceive how objects are in time and space in a way we haven’t thought about before,” said Reppert, who is a neurobiologist.”

In the study fruit flies, which had human protein place into them, were used. They placed the fruit flies into a T-shaped maze with coils at each end to be able to magnetize one side at a time. When the magnetic fields were turned on, the flies went toward the on coil, suggesting the sixth sense.

To make sure that it was the protein causing the affect, the researchers also tested fruit flies with no protein. It is still unknown for what ways people would be able to use this sense if utilized, but it would be a breakthrough in many medical areas. On so many levels.

By: Cory Perrin
Published: Jun 25, 2021
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