Hunchback Dinosaur Found (PHOTO)

Hunchback Dinosaur Found (PHOTO)

By: Michael Stevens
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 10, 2021

A new dinosaur discovery has been made by a team of scientists who found skeletal fossil remains of a large predator with a hunchback in Spain. The study is led by Francisco Ortega of Spain's Universidad Nacional de Educacio'n a Distancia.

Some 130 million years ago this dinosaur was Spain's top-predator. It sported quilled-elbows, an alligator belly and a bump on its back. It is being called Concavenator, Latin for "the hunchback hunter from Cuenca (Spain)."

"The preservation of the fossil is excellent," Francisco Ortega said in a statement. The study team can "identify some impressions of the animal's skin, like scales on the legs or tail."

The fossil remains of this beast can be found in the journal Nature. It was a two-legged meat-eater that stood about eight feet tall and measured 20-feet in length, making it a medium-sized "theropod" predator, similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It likely hunted the smaller ancestors of T-Rex, as well as anything else it could get its jaws around, suggests paleontologist Thomas Holtz of the University of Maryland in College Park. "This was a top predator, no doubt."

"The skin impressions, preserved along with the dinosaur's bones in a fossilized lakebed, are likely the most important part of the find," Holtz added. "Seeing alligator-like scales on the belly of this dinosaur suggests something about how many dinosaurs may have looked."