New Tank Allows For Keeping Jellyfish As Pets

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
08/24/2011 01:41 PM ET

A new tank design for aquarium lovers allows for keeping jellyfish as pets. The problem was in the filtration system of traditional tanks, as it would suck the jellyfish into it. Now aquarium designer Alex Andon has developed a new water flow system for jellyfish to be kept in a tank.

According to NBC, scientists cracked this special water-flow system code for bigger aquarium's years ago. However, Andon's alterations to non-commercial tanks will allow everyday people to keep jellyfish as pets. The new tank is available for pre-order when given a donation of 350 dollars.

The system works by pulling water through a layer of rocks at the bottom of the tank. The water is pulled up one side of the cylindrical tank to the surface. It then goes back down the other side and is sucked up once again by the rocks.

Through his website, Andon said, "I want anyone to be able to have their own pet jellyfish. Through Kickstarter, I’m proud to introduce the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. It’s the first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish and it’s as easy to maintain as a regular fish tank. Now Kickstarter donors can pre-order the first tanks that get produced."

The $350 donation goes to raising money to get commercial production started. It will also earn you the right to buy the tank at discounted price. Moon jellyfishes which are not harmful to humans, will be offered with the starter kit, according to The tank can fit about five of the creatures.

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