New Monkey Species - Colombia Conservation International

New Monkey Species Colombia

By: Kara Gilmour
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 16, 2021

Conservation International has discovered a new species in Colombia, they estimate less than 250 of the monkeys exist.

New monkey species found in Colombia by the Conservation International. They estimate less than 250 of the monkeys exist. Their isolated population is at risk due to the cutting of forests that are its home.

Callicebus caquetensis, is the size of a cat and has grayish-brown hair. What sets it apart from other types of titi monkey species is its lack of a white bar on the forehead. Deforestation is a threat to this new adorable red-bearded monkey and other species as well.

In addition, these animals are threatened by smugglers. The monkeys are often captured and sold on the black market as exotic pets. This newly found species is already an endangered species.

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