New Predatory Dinosaur Discovery Romania Fossils

New predatory dinosaur discovery in Romania known as a stocky dragon from 70 million years ago.

New predatory dinosaur discovery Romania fossils. Researchers made the fossil’s discovery of a new predatory dinosaur in Romania. The new dinosaur found was a stocky dragon that hunted some 70 million years ago in an area now known as Romania.

Predatory dinosaurs are rarely found, especially new ones, but researchers have discovered the fossils of a stocky dragon. It hunted the area, now known as Romania, some 70 million years ago. It is an interesting discovery.

Dinosaurs have roamed the planet, but this one is described as one similar to the frightening Velociraptor. It has two sharp claws on each foot. The creature was 6 to 7 feet long with a thicker build than similarly sized Velociraptors found in China.

Romania doesn’t have a long history of dinosaur fossils, but this discovery adds to science. One dinosaur expert says it “was probably more of a kick-boxer than a sprinter,” compared to Velociraptor, and might have been able to take down animals larger than itself. The Smithsonian’s dinosaur curator calls the discovery a reminder “not to expect that we’ve found everything there is to find.” It’s a new dinosaur discovery, and that’s exciting.