By: Michael Stevens - Staff Writer
Published: Apr 20, 2021

Psychology Shopping Study

Researchers from MIT say psychology is all about advertisements and promotions. They have shown that people are most susceptible to be influenced while shopping at the entrance of the store. According to the scientists, people usually don’t have their goals very clearly pre-determined.

Psychology Shopping

They decide not only what specific product to buy but also what kind of product they want to buy during their wondering through the supermarket’s aisles.

“Consumers start with fuzzy shopping goals, which become more concrete as the shopping experience progresses,” explain Leonard Lee and Dan Ariely. “Because of the initial lack of concreteness of their goals, consumers’ sensitivity to external cues is likely to be higher in the earlier stage of their shopping when their goals are more malleable.”

Lee and Ariely have conceived a series of tests showing that consumers can be influenced to spend more or less than usual, depending on the conditional coupons presented to them at the entrance. On the other hand, when the coupons were given inside the store they had little effect.

“When the required spending level is higher than their typical spending level, they spend more; when the required spending is lower, they spend less,” write the authors. “This experiment also demonstrates that customers’ spending tends to shift with the minimum spending conditions stated on their coupons.”

In another related study, also to appear in the forthcoming issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers from the Northwestern University have documented the so-called paradox of choice: customers generally want to have as many options as possible but at the same time want to be able to decide what to buy as easily as possible.

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