Russian Scuba-Diving Dog Trained

Scuba-diving team includes the owner and trained dog.

Scuba-diving dog was trained by his owner in Russia. Dachshund Boniface is the first dog to professionally enjoy scuba-diving in the world. The dog loves the water and enjoys diving on the Pacific coast.

Boniface’s owner, Sergey Gorbunov, is a professional diver in the city of Vladivostok. Initially, Sergey noticed that Boniface felt a little discomfort and tried to come out of his helmet when he was taken into the water. However, as time passed, he began to enjoy his teaching sessions. He even grew accustomed to his wet suit and helmet.

Once in the water, the dachshund made high-pitched protracted sounds as he learned how to dive from his master. “Boniface used to be nervous upon witnessing him diving into the water and that had triggered the idea in his mind to teach his dog scuba diving,” Sergey Gorbunov said in a statement. “Underwater he did not think that his dog experienced any stress,” he added.

Boniface’s first professional dive was at the depth of 2 meters. His owner hopes that he will be able to teach him even greater personal achievements. The duo dives in the Pacific Ocean on a beach near the settlement of Slavyanka.