Sea Level: Three Feet Tides Predicted By Year 2100

The world’s sea level is expected to rise more than three feet by the year 2100 as glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland are expected to melt, according to climate-change scientists.

This rise in sea level would also cause problems for Bangladesh as the rising sea will flood low-lying countries in the Pacific Ocean, displacing millions of people. It can also cause dikes in Holland to fail. But that’s not all.

The sea will also bring problems to major cities, such as New York and Tokya, and cost them billions of dollars to rebuild infrastructure to hold back the rising waters.

Most people believe that such a prediction is myth, or perhaps an inconvenient truth, but experts say the study is full of facts.

“The consequences are horrible,” Jonathan Bamber, a glaciologist at the University of Bristol and a co-author of the study published Jan. 6 in the journal Nature Climate Change, told NBC News.

Scientists say that there’s already evidence of recent accelerated melting that’s bringing change in the ocean as temperatures continue to warm.

Critics suggest that global warming is a myth, that’s been changed to “climate change,” and now “climate science.”

One thing for sure, the ice is melting at a rapid rate, but critics believe that the Earth is going through a cycle and don’t believe that the warming temperatures are caused by man.

Will the rise in tides continue? It’s a big question that no one has an answer to, but history could be repeating itself as some continents are flooded to create new ones, but it’s usually a process that takes millions of years.

In addition, the recent study is based more than just an “opinion poll.”

For example, the experts were handpicked and the data used was scientific to build an ice sheet model in an effort to predict the rising sea levels.

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