Alexa Flutie, Daughter of Doug Flutie, Is New England Patriots Cheerleader

The New England Patriots cheerleading squad has picked up Alexa Flutie, the daughter of former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie, as she will be cheering the same team her dad once played.

Apparently, though, Doug’s legacy didn’t pave her way onto the squad. Alexa failed to make the cut in four previous tryouts. Doug Flutie, originally drafted by the L.A. Rams, on October 14, 1986 had his rights traded to the Chicago Bears in exchange for draft picks. Flutie would later make his debut on the 1986 Chicago Bears, appearing in four games.

Flutie was then traded to the New England Patriots at the start of the 1987 NFL season, a season which saw the NFL Players Association go on strike, and NFL games subsequently being played by replacement players. He crossed the picket lines in order to play for the Patriots and charges of being a scab dogged him thereafter. He would remain with the Patriots from 1987-1989 after which he left to play in the Canadian Football League.

Alexa won’t be the only daughter of a famous sports figure cheerleading in the NFL. Bianca LaRussa, the daughter of Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, is an Oakland Raiderette. Tony was signed by the Kansas City Athletics as a middle infielder before the 1962 season.

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