​Amanda Marcum Enfield, Sports Model, Married To Florida Coach​​

Amanda Marcum is married to Andy Enfield, who is a young basketball coach in the NCAA with sterling credentials, and has worked under Mike Dunleavy, Rick Pitino and Leonard Hamilton.

But did you know his wife was a supermodel? She has a resume that spans the covers of Maxim, Elle, Vogue and she’s done ads for Victoria’s Secret.

Marcum and Enfield met when he gave her a ride from New York City to Boston to watch the Oklahoma State Cowboys in — synchronicity alert — the 2003 NCAA Tournament.

The ride was apparently pleasant enough that the two were engaged six months later.

Amanda is as impressive in her field as Andy is in his; you can see a collection of her modeling work all over the Internet. And if Florida Gulf Coast University pulls off a miracle win over Georgetown — Nate Silver gives them a 10.3 percent chance — she’ll be a marquee feature throughout the weekend.