​Andy Gabel Abuse: Bridie Farrell Calls For Ban On Coach​​

By: | 03/06/2021 08:19 AM ET
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Andy Gabel apologized for his sexual abuse, but Bridie Farrell wants to see him banned from coaching. The three-time Olympic speedskater appreciated his “honesty in coming forward” to apologize for his actions.

“The apology is appreciated, but it doesn’t negate the action or the repercussions that need to take place,” Farrell told the Tribune in a telephone interview.

“Mr. Gabel and others like him need to be removed and banned from coaching, officiating, serving on the board or being members of individual sports halls of fame,” Farrell stated.

Farrell, 31, claims that when she was 15-years-old she, Gabel, and a teammate, had their first improper sexual contact. Additionally, it happened multiple times in 1997 and 1998 while Gabel was in his 30′s.

Gabel told the Tribune in a statement Friday that he had a “brief, inappropriate relationship with a female teammate,” and apologized for it.

The governing body for U.S. speedskating stated on Friday it was looking into a claim that former Olympian and organization president Andy Gabel sexually abused a teenaged skater in the 1990s.

U.S. Speedskating said in a statement that it had only learned of the allegation against Andy Gabel on Friday because of media reports.

“Our current understanding is that it was not reported to anyone at U.S. Speedskating or the authorities at the time,” the group’s statement said. “We intend to look into the matter immediately to determine what action should be taken.”