​Biogenesis Suspensions: MLB Suspensions Include Alex Rodriguez​​

July 29, 2021

An investigation into Biogenesis this week will likely prompt an announcement by Major League Baseball on all remaining suspensions. Among the suspensions could be Alex Rodriguez for the rest of the season.

Biogenesis Suspensions

The banning of the New York Yankee slugger could happen on Monday. A-Rod hasn’t played a major-league game yet in 2013 following off season hip surgery. Moreover, this information comes after rumors that Rodriguez might accept a Biogenesis plea deal from the investigation.

At issue is the defunct Biogenesis anti-aging clinic in Miami, which allegedly provided performance-enhancing drugs to athletes.

Several MLB players have been linked in media reports to the clinic, including Rodriguez, 2012 All-Star game MVP Melky Cabrera, 2005 AL Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon and 2011 AL championship series MVP Nelson Cruz.

Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun, the 2011 National League MVP, agreed last week to a 65-game suspension for violating baseball’s rules on drug use after being connected to Biogenesis.

MLB wants to make the suspensions formal this week, when every team still has more than 50 games left to play, the Post reports. The penalty for first-time offenders of baseball’s drug policy is 50 games.

Baseball is hoping to minimize appeals by allowing first-time offenders to serve their entire suspensions this season, the newspaper says. That category would not include Rodriquez, who has admitted past PED use, or Cabrera and Colon, each of whom was suspended for 50 games last season after testing positive for PEDs.