​Brenda Gold Bengals: 54-year-old mother tries for Bengals​​

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March 3, 2021

Brenda Gold Bengals: 54-year-old mom is trying out to be an NFL cheerleader with the Cincinnati Bengals.

The cheerleader hopeful is a math teacher at the prestigious magnet school, The School for Creative & Performing Arts in Cincinnati, “thinks of big ideas or projects, and goes at them head-on,” said her 28-year-old son, Matt Gold.

Why is Brenda Gold trying out for an NFL cheerleading squad at her age?

“She was probably watching a Bengals game and saw the cheerleaders and said to herself, ‘I can do that,’” said Matt, who works at Software Engineering Professionals in Carmel. “She probably can, too.”

Brenda Gold was a three-sport athlete in high school and played volleyball at the University of Kentucky. She also trained in dance most of her life.

“Cheer leading would be a natural extension of that,” said Matt, who grew up in West Chester, Ohio. Plus, she was voted most spirited in high school (she started cheer leading in sixth grade). And she is in darn good shape.

Brenda Gold signs for 10 practice session with Bengals:

Brenda Gold signed up for 10 practice dance classes. Those begin March 4. She also plans to attend some of the squad’s workshops, though she isn’t concerned about her stamina, strength or athletic ability. However, all of this comes with her glamor factor.

The Bengals and several other NFL franchises recently came under fire for the physical requirements they have for their cheerleaders.

So, Brenda Gold entered a makeover contest on “Live with Kelly and Michael.” The contest’s mission was to give age-defying, new looks to people preparing for a special life event.

A 54-year-old trying out to be Bengals cheerleader?

Brenda Gold made the cut to be one of three finalists in the competition and appeared on the show Wednesday, her long stringy, gray hair replaced by a chic, blonde pixie cut.

“When I first saw her, my jaw dropped,” said Matt Gold. “She looked really beautiful.”

Morning-show hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan agreed.

“Look how sexy this is,” said Ripa.

“Coming from a guy who came from sports, you can cheer for my team anytime,” said Strahan, a former NFLer with the New York Giants.

Gold will find out Friday if she is the winner of a trip for two to Los Angeles that includes seats at the Academy Awards red carpet and tickets to “Live’s After Oscar Show.”

But her true goal is to make that cheer leading squad. The auditions are in May.

“Now, I really think I can do this,” Brenda Gold told an Ohio TV station after the show.

Matt Gold said his mom is already amazing, 54-year-old Bengals cheerleader or not.