​Brett Favre Unsure With 2014 Coaching​​

December 4, 2021

Brett Favre has tried to stay under the radar as he unleashed his coaching skills during the past year for Oak Grove High School. Favre’s team will try to win a Mississippi high school state championship in football.

The three-time NFL MVP is the offensive coordinator for the high school near his home in Hattiesburg. Oak Grove will try to capture its first state championship when it faces Tupelo in Jackson, Miss.

“Who knows if I’ll do it next year,” said Favre, who is in his second year coaching at the high school. “I really don’t know. It’s been a lot of fun. I enjoy it. It’s easy and it’s not too time-consuming.”

Favre, 44, grew up about an hour away in Kiln, Miss., and played his college football ight miles down the road at Southern Mississippi. He lives in Hattiesburg with his family and has immersed himself in the local sports scene, coaching high school football and watching his youngest daughter play volleyball.

Favre says he’s content, but that hasn’t stopped questions about his future.

He dismissed the possibility of returning to the NFL this fall after news reports surfaced that he was contacted by the St. Louis Rams. It has been nearly three years since he last played with the Minnesota Vikings.

He has made a few cameos in the broadcast booth, but nothing long term. Favre’s longtime agent, Bus Cook, said the former quarterback enjoys what he’s doing and is keeping his options open for the future.

Oak Grove coach Nevil Barr has been friends with Favre for nearly a decade. The former quarterback used Oak Grove’s facilities as a place to stay in shape during the offseason when he was still in the NFL. Barr always wanted to get Favre involved in his high school program.

“I just like the way he is around the kids,” Barr said. “He’s got so much enthusiasm, and the players feed off that.”

Oak Grove quarterback Kirk McCarty and his teammates say they feel fortunate to be working with Favre.

“As strange as this may sound, he’s just become one of the coaches,” McCarty said. “He doesn’t want special treatment and he doesn’t get any. He’s held to the same standard as everyone else.”

Favre joked that the only drawback of winning is that the schedule has extended into December, which is the middle of Mississippi’s deer hunting season.

“It’s cutting into my time in the woods,” Favre said with a grin. “But I’m not going to complain too much about that.”