​Bubba Watson Hovercraft Attracts Oakley Before Masters​​

Bubba Watson has named his hovercraft BW1, which attracted Oakley because it’s a golf cart idea that can revolutionize the golf course and how people move from hole to hole.

The machine is probably the easiest way to retrieve a golf club you threw in the lake because it rides over water and keeps you off those annoyingly bumpy cart paths.

Can we take a second to go over the last year of Bubba’s life? The guy has a six-figure watch, adopted his first child, won the Masters with one of the best shots in the history of the tournament, got a big deal from Oakley, moved into Tiger Woods’ old house and got an invite from LeBron James to hang with him in Ohio during Firestone week. Wow, he has been large this year.

Looking ahead to the 2013 Masters Tournament, which begins April 11, Watson said despite his lack of tournament wins this year, “I’m playing pretty good.”

“Obviously I haven’t won yet,” the golfer said Wednesday on “CBS This Morning.” “Golf is so tough, the ball has to bounce your way, you have to make key putts.”

Watson added that Woods — back in top form after two tournament wins — is “obviously the guy to beat” at Augusta National. “He’s training the right way. He’s putting really well, his life off the course is getting a lot better,” Watson said, adding, “He’s healthy, his new swing is working.”

Despite the pressure to beat Woods, Watson — who taught himself the game and has never used a coach — said he will remain self-coached.

“[I'm] just kind of winging it out there,” he joked. “I think I’m doing OK.”

Watson said he is working on sharpening his “mental focus,” explaining that while it “worked out right” at the Masters last year, he needs to remind himself that “golf is just a game.” So for me, I’ve got to put that in perspective…I’ve got to be passionate about it and not get down when I hit a bad shot.”