​Candlestick Demolition To Begin Any Day Now​​

The demolition of Candlestick Park will occur any day now. Owners of the stadium, the current home of the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers, announced this week that the stadium would be dynamited, in a 30-second implosion, likely within weeks after the end of the coming football season.

There were reports that the outdoor sports and entertainment stadium may be left intact until a new developer was brought in. However, the City of San Francisco decided that demolishing the 53-year-old stadium was the best move for the them. The 49er will be beginning their 2014 football season at their new stadium in Santa Clara.

Lennar Corp., the Fortune 500 Miami based company, that owns the property is planing to build a shopping, residential and office complex on the soon-to be vacant land.

“The best thing for our development and the neighborhood is not to have that hulking building sitting there empty,” said Kofi Bonner, president of Lennar Urban.

The demolishing of this Candlestick Park is a relief to the city, because they feared that they would be stuck footing the bill of maintaining the empty stadium.

“Everything has a life, and Candlestick has exceeded it,” stated Phil Ginsburg, the head of city Rec and Park.”

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