​CBS Broken Leg Replay Causes Controversy For Ware’s Injury​​

CBS is facing a lot of controversy over a broken leg injury that was on replay during the NCAA tournament, but it limited the times it showed the coverage of of concern for the audience.

Louisville sophomore guard Kevin Ware took a particularly gruesome tumble during the first half of the “Elite Eight” game against Duke, breaking his right leg in two places as he landed hard after contesting a 3-point shot.

Although the injury was broadcast live — Ware’s leg bends unnaturally as it crumbles underneath him, bone breaking through the skin — CBS Sports limited replay out of consideration for the audience.

In the immediate aftermath of the injury, CBS showed two slow-motion replays, but not again. Instead, the cameras focused on the reactions of Ware’s teammates and coaches. CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus confirmed the decision was because of the graphic nature of Ware’s injury.

Louisville players collapsed on the court, sickened by the injury. Louisville coach Rick Pitino cried; Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski looked as if he was about to burst into tears.

Ware, who underwent successful surgery Sunday night to reset the leg and insert a rod, shouted to his teammates to just “win the game. Win the game” as he was carried off on a stretcher.

And win they did: Louisville defeated Duke 85-63 to advance to the Final Four.