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Donovan McNabb Released: The End of the Road, Career Over

12/02/2021 07:12 AM ET

novan McNabb Released: Stick a Fork in Him, He’s Done
novan McNabb Released: No Other Team Wants Him, He’s Finished

Donovan McNabb Released - Donovan McNabb has been released by the Minnesota Vikings and will be replaced by rookie Christian Ponder, a decision that makes him available for another team starting today.

Most people question if this is truly the end of the road for the veteran quarterback, going from Philadelphia Eagles to Washington Redskins, to the Vikings, and now he’s been released again.

As quarterbacks in the NFL continue to drop like secondary characters in a horror movie, McNabb’s availability will be attractive to teams looking to bolster their playoff chances or gate receipts. He might find work for a few more weeks, but that’ll be it.

McNabb turned 35 last week. He entered the league to a chorus of boos in 1999′s NFL Draft and his standing with the NFL’s national audience only grew slightly better from there. He led his team to a Super Bowl with the help of Terrell Owens.

He was named to the Pro Bowl six times when the NFC featured Kurt Warner and Brett Favre in their respective heydays. He was the face of a still-popular ad campaign for Campbell’s Chunky brand of soups, which would often times feature his own mother.

The Eagles fans in Philadelphia appreciated McNabb. I’m not so sure that anyone else did. The level of credit McNabb deserved was always up for debate.

McNabb became a popular target for the national media in other ways, and sometimes he made it too easy. Barfing on the field. Accusations of getting tired in the Super Bowl.

Minnesota was not a great fit, either, especially with wow-did-he-really-go-12th-overall rookie Christian Ponder waiting in the wings. McNabb managed six starts before his relegation to the bench, and that was that. He asked for his release earlier this week, and earlier today, he got it.

McNabb might go someplace else. The Chicago native has surely noticed that his hometown Bears could use a quarterback, and that lowly has-beens Jake Delhomme and Jeff Garcia were offered tryouts in Houston. Next Tuesday will be interesting for McNabb, if he isn’t already signed by then.

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