Erik Kramer’s Disbelief: Son Died of Heroin ‘Overdose’

Erik Kramer’s Son – The son of former NFL quarterback Erik Kramer died of unexpected causes, according to the toxicology report. The coroner’s office issued the cause of death, which was totally different than most people expected. Friends and relatives knew he had an alcohol problem, but didn’t know about the drugs.

He was found dead at a friend’s home last October and many people speculated that alcohol poisoning was the cause, but now the toxicology report confirms that he died of a heroin overdose.

A prior investigation by police reveals that Griffen was out the night before partying with friends. Each friend was interviewed separately and told police that they were all doing hits of heroin. However, Griffen started foaming at the mouth and eventually passed out.

Not knowing what to do, one friend, David Nernberg, took Griffen Kramer for a drive and tried to contact other people to see if they would take him in for the night.

He finally drove home and put Kramar’s son to bed thinking he would just sleep it off.

Now in relation to Kramer’s death, five people have been arrested. Four have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, including Nemberg, who took Griffen home instead of seeking medical help.

Griffen was 18 and attending Thousand Oaks High School in Los Angeles, where he was a backup quarterback, at the time of his death.

Erik Kramer’s son had attended a rehab center 2 years earlier after admitting he had a drug problem.