​Erin Andrews Boyfriend: Hockey Player Jarret Stoll​​

October 17, 2021

Erin Andrews confirmed that she is dating Los Angeles Kings hockey player Jarret Stoll. This comes after Stoll exclusively confirmed to E! News that he was dating the sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars alum.

Erin Andrews Boyfriend

In March, Andrews tried to ward off rapper “50 Cent” as he was trying to go in for a kiss, and it happened on live TV.

Michael Strahan, who now does a daytime talk show with Erin, confirmed the rumors that she was dating Jarret. In fact, Andrews met Stoll through mutual friend Michael Strahan. The two spent a romantic dinner by the beach before Valentine’s Day.

Stoll actually confirmed he was dating the sportscaster about two weeks ago.

“We actually went for a nice dinner,” he told E! Online. “We spent that day out in Malibu, it was like the day before [Valentine's Day]…had a great day out there and then had a nice dinner out here by the beach.”

Stoll was the man who posed with Andrews in photos from New Year’s Eve.