​Forbes Names Texas Longhorns Most Valuable Team​​

December 18, 2021

Forbes has named Texas Longhorns, under head coach Mack Brown, as the nations’ most valuable college football team. The Longhorns are worth a lot more than their 8-4 2013 regular season.

The amount of the team’s worth is staggering, as Forbes puts a value of $139 million, nearly 20 percent more than any other team in the FBS. The Longhorns have been college football’s most valuable team since 2009. Last year they had a revenue of $109 million, which is boosted by a nation-leading merchandise sales and the Longhorn Network.

According to the Forbes report, Texas is the only football team to ever cross 100 million in revenue, which its done for the past two seasons.

The Longhorns’ biggest income booster is ticket sales, which brought in $34.5 million last season. Texas also brought in $30 million from contributions and $15 million from the Big 12.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M checks in at No. 14 in the list with a value of $72 million. A&M is the only newcomer on Forbes’ 2013 list.

“The Aggies’ football revenue increased by more than $9 million over the previous season, and that was despite the team hosting one fewer home game than in 2011,” the report says.

Top 10 most valuable college football teams (according to Forbes):

Texas — $139 million
Notre Dame — $117 million
Alabama — $110 million
LSU — $105 million
Michigan — $104 million
Florida — $94 million
Oklahoma — $92 million
Georgia — $91 million
Ohio State — $83 million
Nebraska — $80 million