Garrett Reid: Steroids Not Found In System

Garret Reid died from a heroine overdose, even though steroids were found in his Pennsylvania room, according to local authorities.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said that anabolic steroids were found in the room where Reid, 29, was staying when he overdosed on heroin Aug. 5 during the Eagle’s training camp.

The younger Reid was at the Philadelphia Eagles camp to help the team’s strength and conditioning coach at the time of his death. However, there was no proof or indication that Reid was giving any of the players the banned performance-enhancing drugs, or that he was using them himself.

“The issue of steroids, it’s an illegal substance in Pennsylvania law. It has probably more significance in the sports world. However, since it did not appear to be related to his death, we’re not pursuing that any further,” Morganelli said.

Meanwhile, Eagles Chairman Jeffrey Lurie said he is still saddened by Reid’s death and the news of steroids being found was a disappointment, the organization nor the players were aware of or involved with anything related to the banned substances.

“It’s clear the conduct in which he apparently engaged runs counter to the values and principles mandated for everyone associated with our organization. We have spoken with the league office and have pledged our full cooperation with their requests should there be any,” Lurie said.

In a statement, Andy Reid said he was “confident that my son’s decisions did not affect our football team in any way.”

“I cannot apologize enough for any adverse appearances that my son’s actions may have for an organization and a community that has been nothing but supportive of our family,” the Eagles coach added.

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