Golf Cart Crash Injures 7 At Wild Texas State Title Football Game

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
12/19/2011 10:45 PM ET

A golf cart crash injures 7 people at Texas State title game. The winning head coach of a high school was among the injured when the unmanned vehicle raced from the end zone to midfield.

Thankfully, an emergency medical technician, who didn't want to be identified, was on hand, stating that one man was conscious and talking, but was taken to the hospital with an evident leg injury.

According to the technician, several other people were hit and were checked by emergency workers, many of which were ok. During an interview Dekaney coach Willie Amendola was trampled by the car as well. In addition surrounding people who scattered the field as Dekaney beat Cibolo Steele in the Texas State title game.

An announcer gave a play by play on the cart:

"We have a disturbance down the field. Apparently, one of the carts on the field got loose and I think there have been some folks injured in this. Oh my! That's like a runaway cart there. And it finally took someone to stop it... That's a scary thing."

It's still unclear as to how the golf cart made its way across the field. According to reports, workers were picking up pylons and orange markers from the sidelines when one of the carts took off. As for the injured people, no further reports have been mentioned, but it has been made clear there were no serious injuries.

Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said the team would investigate the incident.

"We are currently investigating the details that led to the accident and hope to know more soon," he said in a statement.

Watch a video of the golf cart incident below.

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