​Hank The Dog: Speculation With Milwaukee Brewers Dog Mascot Suggests Imposter

Hank The Dog
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Mar. 5, 2016

Hank the Dog is the Milwaukee Brewers official mascot and has not been replaced by an imposter. Hank was the subject of discussion during a Brewers press conference Friday to address the rumors, according to Yardbarker.

Given some of the strange stories to come out of spring training thus far, the dog topic might not be the most ridiculous thing you read this month, but it has to be close. The whole Hank conspiracy began after Travis Sarandos of Brew Crew Ball speculated that puppy, the adorable stray dog who wandered into Brewers spring camp two years ago, had been secretly replaced by the club.

The story picked up enough steam that, instead of shrugging it off, the Brewers opted to hold a press conference to publicly discuss the issue.

The result of that press conference was … drum roll, please … the originalHank The Dog is still alive and has not been replaced. In order to provide proof that the original Hank was legitimate, the Brewers produced a notarized letter from a vet.

That letter said Hank was examined on March 3. During that checkup, a microchip scan was performed and Hank’s dental records were checked. Both results confirmed this was the original Hank.

The Brewers than turned the press conference over to a second vet to further confirm that the original Hank is still out there. Yes, the Brewers had two doctors confirm that their mascot dog has not been replaced.

At that point, all the people needed to see was Hank in the flesh. The Brewers initially decided to do some schtick, introducing an obvious imposter named Olaf. Finally, the real Hank was introduced. He appeared before the crowd, officially ending this absurd controversy.

If this is the type of thing you need to see in order to believe, the five minute press conference is available to watch on Periscope here.
Despite the Brewers best efforts to put this story to rest, there are sure to those who refuse to believe. These tinfoil hat-wearing folks will claim Big Vet is in on the conspiracy, and that a dog’s appearance can’t change that much with proper care, food and grooming.

While truthers will still exist, we imagine that, as far as the Brewers are concerned, this story is officially over. The organization deserves a ton of credit for having fun with the story, and keeping their team in the news for an extended period. There aren’t a lot of exciting reasons to talk about the Brewers this season, and this at least kept them in the news cycle.

Thus ends one of the weirdest controversies we’ve ever seen. The original Hank is still around, and the Brewers have the documents to prove it.

With Hank now in the past, we still have some questions. What happened to the Beer Barrel Man mascot? Where is Bernie Brewer’s Mom?

We could attempt to come up with some more crazy Hank The Dog theories, but we think it’s probably for the best we focus on baseball. The Brewers probably agree.

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