Holly Rowe From ESPN Pushes Another Reporter

Holly Rowe ESPN Pushes Reporter – ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe is caught on camera as she pushes a rival journalist out of the way to get an interview with the winning coach. The incident happened on Tuesday night after the Sugar Bowl came to its conclusion between Michigan and Virginia Tech.

As the camera’s caught Michigan coach Brady Hoke and Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer meeting on the field for the post-game handshake there is already one female seen standing next to Hoke waiting to interview him about the win after he shakes his opponent’s hand.

However, seemingly out of nowhere when it looks as if the first interview begins to ask Hoke a question, Holly is seen rushing in and shoving her out of the way while seemingly telling her to get lost, while shaking her head no.

After giving the confused reporter a quick stare-down, Holly turns to Hoke to steal the first post-game interview without skipping a beat.

In another televised incident involving the same reporter in 2005, she was sideline reporting on a game between Purdue and Notre Dame. Near the end of the game with Purdue being blown out, Purdue called all three of their timeouts on defense in order to get the ball back even know there was not enough time to make up the point difference.

She was heard saying:

“If the coaches are giving up, what does that say to the players?” Then sportscaster Ron Franklin responded to Rowe’s question, “Holly, it’s not giving up. It’s 49-21, sweetheart.”

Afterward ESPN released a statement saying:

“It was an inappropriate comment, and we’ve communicated that to Ron. There’s never a reason to say something so mean-spirited. Ron apologized. We dealt with it internally.”

So now we are left to wonder how ESPN feels about being mean-spirited towards rival reporters who beat their own to the scoop.

Here’s the video showing Rowe obviously trying to get the interview.