​James Harrison $600k Massages Each Year For ‘Body Work’

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 5, 2014

James Harrison spends about $600k each year on massages, which the Cincinnati Bengals player calls “body work.” Basically, that’s a fancy word these days.

In fact, he loves them so much he brought an interesting nickname upon himself.

“I’ve always been what everybody’d like to call — excuse my English — is massage whore,” Harrison said to the Bengals team website. “I can’t think of nothing else. They done called me it so long I’m starting to believe it.”

However, there is a method to his massage proclivities.

“I rent a hyperbaric chamber when I’m in Arizona. I have massages and I bring people in from New York, Arizona to where I’m at. There’s that cost,” Harrison said.

“I get body work almost every single day except Saturday and Sunday. I have a homeopathic doctor and I do a lot of homeopathic things. It’s just a lot, supplements, so on and so forth.”

I guess there’s nothing strange about homeopathic.

But seriously, these guys use their muscles until they hurt, so whatever works as an NFL player.

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